Smart Cities

Some definitional solutions and services are required to guide cities in the smart cities mission. In the imagination of any city dweller in India, the picture of a smart city contains a wish list of fine infrastructure and services. To provide for the aspirations and needs of the citizens, Integre Solutions ideally aims at Better management of utilities and quantification of services.

Integre Solutions has been focusing on smart cities integration and providing services in various categories

  • Video Surveillance System implemented by Police Department
  • Smart Lighting
  • ICT Enabled Solid Waste Management
  • Intelligent Transportation System
  • E-Challan System
  • Smart Water Supply System
  • Smart Education
  • Smart Health Management System
  • BRTS/MRTS and City Bus Services

Smart Cities Solutions

  • Smart Town Planning
  • Smart Transportation/ Mobility
  • Smart Water Supply and Sanitation
  • Smart Infrastructure
  • Smart Energy Generation & Supply
  • Smart Healthcare Services
  • Smart Education
  • Smart Building
  • Smart Governance
  • Smart Security Surveillance