Banking & Financial Services

Currently, there is an underway in the banking sector: It’s no longer the bank, but the end consumer who decides when, how, and where he wants to conduct his banking business. This needs digital technologies, mobile communication channels, and open architecture.

Integre Solutions supports private commercial banks as well as public-sector credit institutions, cooperative banks, and other financial service providers with IT solutions, consulting, and outsourcing on their way to digitalization.

Integre Solution is a set of IT solutions for banks and financial service providers. The Banking Solution, other products such as the Online Banking Solution, Credit Product Configurator, or the Anti-Money Laundering Software, are also essential components of our banking IT world.

Services Offered


Core banking Systems are plans for enabling existing and likely clients to have a more noteworthy opportunity of their record exchanges. With technological developments, exchanges are currently more secure, faster, and less lumbering. The way that these exchanges can be executed remotely, from any piece of the world has made center financial frameworks a noteworthy part of banking nowadays.


We offer Integre TM Anti-Money Laundering Solution (AML) for the banking and monetary application industry. Our Anti Money Laundering Solution engages banks and monetary foundations to proactively oversee AML dangers and consistency. The AML arrangement encourages the investigation, classification, and evaluation of tax evasion risk. The AML application offering can be utilized to audit and improve existing AML arrangements, just as to propose and actualize new arrangements, in view of each client's necessities.


In this developing innovation world, the internet has changed the lives of individuals as well as has changed the essence of the banking industry. Banking innovation is developing continuously. What's going on today will become outdated tomorrow. Banks and budgetary organizations are utilizing innovation to serve their clients 24x7 by furnishing them with a stage to assist them with meeting their fundamental financial necessities. Online Banking empowers banks to give a simpler method to do all the money related exchanges through the bank's site. Through the bank's site, the client can perform nearly their financial necessities on-line, which is the reason internet banking is additionally some of the time alluded to as online-based banking or advanced banking or virtual banking.


Our credit product configurator offers banks and money related specialist organizations the total preparation and agreement of the executives of credit understandings. You can deal with application work processes just as dunning and receivables the board comprehensively in the PASS Loan Engine and oversee worldwide advance portfolios. The item configurator covers every single regular boundary of credit items. It can likewise be effectively and immediately stretched out by the further individual, bank-explicit boundaries, from the business procedure through API to the settlement of agreements.


A regulatory reporting system gathers data from an assortment of systems, purges it, and makes and populates regulatory reports. These devices may likewise play out the digitized conveyance of this information. Utilize our registry to assess usefulness for supporting banks, insurance agencies, asset managers, and other financial service institutions in administrative reporting, automated filings, and compliance reporting to regulators.